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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a thought

Well I know that speaking out about what has happened to us is a big deal, but here's a thought why not say to heck with what we think and do it as a way to release that thing that is holding you down. I think that if an opportunity arises that we should take it and help out someone that may need our story more than we think. I have told maybe a few of my close friends of what has happened to me and they can all relate to me in one way or other. What I am trying to say and do here is to help those that have the fear to release it. I am not saying to go up to someone and tell them your story but I am saying to you if the time comes and you feel that the person that you are talking to may need what you have to say. That is something even bigger than yourself and that is why I am here for. It took me more than ten years to tell a soul and that was agony on my self person. The only person that I could confide in was God and he made a breakthrough in my life and now I want that for you all. Please be willing to be open to me and maybe with this blog we can go someplace nice with it. I love you all the same and be Blessed in Jesus' name.