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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Truth

This is my truth, I was 12 years old when it all started. I was living with my mom and brother and sister. He was going in my room at night and I would sense it and then wake up. He touched and groped me and I wanted to scream so my mom would notice but I was unable to for the shock was too much. I hated having him in my house and living with my mom. I wanted my real dad back and that was not going to happen as they were divorced. I think that my mom would not want to hear what was happening to me and I think that she knew but did not want to face it. I finally stopped it at the age of nineteen and then I moved to Florida and that was a prayer answered. I was praying everyday for the Lord to take me out and he finally did. I could not be happier with my new found freedom. I went to church faithfully and had my fun with my family. I was a new person and I think that God wanted that for me.